LG Cell Phone Batteries

I will take LG cell phone batteries for example and discuss something you should pay attention to while using an LG battery. Now cell phone has become a symbol of personality, especially for a young man. The various accessories of the phone today are the very important parts of a cell phone and can add many highlights to the phone. The battery is one of the major accessories. A phone without a battery is practically useless. LG has a collection of phones ranging from the lowest price to the highest.

First three charging of LG cell phone battery

It is a common sense that all new batteries need crucial charging process for the first three times in order to get a high power storage efficiency. There are some tips for your first three charges.

Make sure that your cell phone power has been used up before your charging and make sure that the charging must last more than 12 hours with the charger which matches with the cell phone (Don’t use Universal charger). Only in this way can you activate your battery and have a good memory on your battery.

In addition, keep your cell phone powered off while charging is also important. The electricity will discharge if you keep your cell phone powered on.

After the first three charging

You don’t need to have your battery charged for so long time after first three charging, but try to avoid automatic power off and give it immediately charge when the power is used about 80%. The battery has its own lifetime and recharges. Try to make it fully charged every time you charge it to make your battery lasts a long time. And also you’d better still use your direct-charging battery to get faster and safer charge.

Put it in a dry and cold place and make it fully charged when you don’t use it. Discharging it every twenty days and then restore it with full electricity if you don’t use it for a long period.

Overcharging is also harmful to the battery and can even cause burn-out. The redundant electricity can stop charging and also lead to discharge-charge circle.

Lengthen the lifetime of an LG cell phone battery

Sometimes, a new LG battery may cost a lot of money, so lengthen the life of your battery is to save money for yourself. Most of the batteries now are made from lithium and have a little bad impact on the LG cell phones. It is lighter and smaller than the battery before. But after a long time using, many batteries will still have a shorter standby time no matter how expensive it is. To keep your LG battery work well for you for a long period of time, you need to follow some suggestions below.

1. LG battery is easier to damage under a high temperature. So keep it away from places like a hot car, stove or the bathhouse. And also avoiding the very low temperature.

2. Don’t drop your cell phone just because it is shatter-resistant, especially on a hard surface. It can be very harmful to both your cell phone and your cell phone battery.

3. The charger should be the right one for your LG cell phone batteries.

4. Don’t spend a long time on games, internet and listening music with your cell phone. Alternate using two batteries can not only relief strain of batteries and can also lengthen the life of the battery.

Standby time of your LG cell phone

The standby time of your cell phone depends on how you use it. Power off your cell phone while you are asleep. Turn down the bias light can also help to lengthen the standby time of your LG cell phone. Surfing the internet with a cell phone can consume electricity very quickly.

Usually, a recreational cell phone or a smartphone cost much electricity consuming.

The capacity of a battery has much to do with your standby time of your cell phone. If your cell phone is very busy, purchase a business battery for spare.

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